Essay writing is both an Art and Science. Art in the sense that it requires creative thinking skills of the students, and Science in the sense that it requires students to utilize their knowledge. Five skills of students are developed through essay writing, and those skills are as follows: (a) Creative Thinking Skills, (b) Analytical Skills, (c) Critical Thinking Skills, (d) Comprehension Skills, and (e) Writing skills. Let us review these essay writing skills:


  1. Creative Thinking Skills: Creative thinking skills require students to think creatively. Narrative essays are usually written utilizing this skill. Students need to think out of the box to come up with creative ideas. Brainstorming can help students accumulate useful ideas for writing. In simple words, students need to think the way that others cannot think if they want to make use of creative thinking skills.


  1. Analytical Skills: Analytical skills are also handy skills for essay writing. Descriptive essays are written by students when they have utilized analytical skills. Students need to create clear picture in the minds of readers through this skill. Students have to utilize all of their five senses including see, hear, touch, smell, and taste to describe about a person or an event or a thing or a place.


  1. Critical Thinking Skills: Critical thinking skills are not easy to acquire. Students need to have an open mind to acquire such skills. Creative thinking skills are required by students if they want to come up with their viewpoint in an essay. Persuasive essays demand critical thinking skills from the students. Students cannot make a good argument if they lack creative thinking skills.


  1. Comprehension Skills: Comprehension skills tell the readers how much students understand a particular topic. Comprehension skills are related with expository essay writing. Students need to have good understanding of the topic if they want to explain something important to the readers. Comprehension skills of the students tell readers how much students have understanding of the subject on hand.


  1. Writing Skills: Writing skills, and perhaps the most crucial essay writing skills are required for all types of essays. Students need to have strong grammatical skills if they want to make a name for themselves in essay writing. Narrations, Voices, Tenses, Correct Forms of Verbs, Sentence Completion, Rules of using Articles, and Parts of Speech are the skills that students need to have if they claim that they have strong grammar.


If a student acquires the preceding 5 essential skills of essay writing, then he or she will not need to ask others: Can you do my essay fast? Will you do my essay for me?