Is essay writing an intimidating task for you? It will no longer remain a daunting task for you if you learn how to break your essay into 6 easy steps to come up with an interesting and high quality piece of work. Here are 6 steps that you should follow for coming up with a great essay:


Step1: Selecting the Topic for Your Essay


If your essay topic has different aspects, then you should narrow it down to one specific area, and ensure that you explain it in the introduction. It will improve the quality of your piece of work. If you are given the authority to choose your own topic, then you should opt for a topic that is interesting for readers to read.


Step2: Doing the Research


One useful tip is to ensure you spend sufficient time looking into all the aspects of your chosen topic. You must read as much relevant material as possible, and make notes along the way if you do not want to forget anything. You should also note down from where you have got your ideas that may include a name of author or book or article title or a page number.


Step 3: Writing Down the Main Arguments


You should summarize the main arguments and ideas that you have read after you have researched your subject. Do not copy the words of others, only choose important points and summarize those points in your own words. You should put the most important argument first, and then your arguments should be followed in sequence i.e. more important argument to the least important argument.



Step 4: Filling Out the Body of an Essay

Body is the place where you discuss in detail your thoughts and ideas about the chosen topic, and it is the place where you fill out the summaries you wrote earlier. You should back up main points of your body with evidences and examples. Remember, the body of a good essay is thought provoking, interesting, and informative.


Step 5: Writing the Introduction

Introduction is the most important part of you essay. If your introduction does not build interest in your readers, then he or she will hardly read your essay. Introduction should be written in a way that grabs attention of the readers. You should discuss succinctly in your introduction what the essay is about, and it should explain what the readers will get by reading an essay. Introduction should be finished with a crystal-clear explanation of your point of view or the main idea of your essay.


Step 6: Writing the Conclusion

You must start this section by briefly summarizing the results of your research. You must tell the reader what your main conclusion is, and why it is what it is. You should also check for the references that will go at the end of your essay. It is suggested to you that you conclude your essay with a thought provoking statement that in some way give a summary of your findings.


Hopefully, you can now write a well-structured essay. Do not forget to edit and proofread your work thoroughly to make sure that your essay is free from grammatical mistakes.