Many students think that essay writing is a troublesome and painful assignment. Students think it, because they are not sure how they should approach essay writing. If students adopt the right approach to write an essay, then they will find that essay writing is not painful at all. Writing an essay is actually a fun process.

Essay writing is often referred to as an art for a good reason. It may take students years of practice to perfect essay writing. Most students become good essay champs when they have reached the end of their school careers. If you are one of those students who think that essay writing is a difficult task, then here is a guide for you to write an essay:


  1. Read and Understand the Essay Topic or Question: This is the most important part of an essay writing process. Once you have understood the essay question, you can analyze what kind of supporting research you will need for an essay. You do not need to formulate your argument for an essay in the beginning. You should focus on essay question in the start to understand exactly what the question is asking you. You should highlight some key terms and brainstorm some possible angles.


  1. Research the Topic: You must go to the library and read books. Moreover, you should go through the internet and look over your notes to collect information for your essay topic. In other words, you should conduct primary, as well as secondary research.


  1. Write an Outline: Creating an outline is the basis for all sorts of essay writing. You should mark the sections ranging from the introduction to the conclusion in an essay outline.


  1. Write a Thesis Statement: Thesis statement is a crucial part of an essay. You should write that one sentence that argues the point of your essay. The thesis statement will be the final point of your introduction, and the starting point for the rest of writing.


  1. Write an Essay Paper: You do not need to write the masterpiece as you write the first draft. You should just write something on the paper that you will eventually be converting into a final product.


  1. Edit the Paper: You should edit the paper to make sure that you are staying on target, following your thesis, and have sufficient supporting evidence to prove your thesis.


  1. Revise the Paper: You should revise the paper to find out grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You should correct the mistakes that you have committed through proofreading.


The easiest and the most enjoyable part of your essay is that you go through your essay and edit it ruthlessly to ensure that you have a perfect essay to hit the sack when the deadline approaches.