For some students, writing an essay is a daunting task, whereas some students can’t wait any longer to write an essay. So, there are two types of students. The first type encourages laziness, while the second type admires essay writing. No matter to which category you belong, you need to follow the same structure to write an essay. Every essay structure is composed of introduction, the main body, and conclusion. So, here is how you should create the introduction, the main body, and conclusion to write an essay:


  1. Introduction: Introduction is a crucial part of an essay structure. Students need to attract readers by introducing an essay topic to the readers, and in order to do that they need an attention grabber. Attention grabber can be a surprising news or a story or a joke or a direct quote or a question. For instance, if your essay is about World War II, then you may begin your essay with the following joke: “When a clock moves forwards, you hear ‘tic-tac’, but when Rommel goes backwards, it is a tactic.” You need to come up with background information about the topic after successfully utilizing the attention grabber in an essay introduction. If your essay is about destructions of World War II, then your background information may be as follows: World War II was the deadliest war, since 40 to 50 million deaths incurred in it. The last part of essay introduction is a thesis statement. Here is a sample thesis statement on the topic, ‘Youth Crime’: Justice means for all, so youth should also be punished if they commit a crime: I strongly support this viewpoint.


  1. The Main Body: First of all, you should know how many body paragraphs you have to write in the main body of an essay. If your essay is comprised of three main points, then you should have three body paragraphs with each body paragraph discussing one major point of an essay. You need to begin each body paragraph with a topic and supporting sentence. For instance, for the topic, ‘Parents Should Select Children Friends’; the topic and supporting sentence can be as follows: Children lose liberty if parents select their friends (Topic Sentence). So, it causes state of confusion in children (Supporting Sentence). Students need to come up with a strong reason to back up their point of view in the body. For example, a reason supporting the previous two sentences can be as follows: Children may get confused easily in their lives if someone ask them to make their own decision. You will also need to utilize transition words like, ‘above all’, ‘as a matter of fact’, ‘however’, and so on to relate various body paragraphs, and set your essay in a flow.


  1. Conclusion: Conclusion is the last part of an essay, and it is equally important as an essay introduction. Students first of all need to summarize their findings in the conclusion of an essay. What that is, crucial for writing the conclusion of an essay is that you reiterate your thesis statement. Here is an example for you: “Justice is the right of every citizen. So, if a youngster commit a crime, then he must be punished. I am in favor of this viewpoint.”


This is how you should approach your essay writing assignment no matter which type of essay is assigned to you. If you are a lazy student, then: Do you still hope that someone will do my essay fast or write my essay? Do not rely on others, read this article thoroughly, and start practice writing an essay on different topics. If you believe you have the guts to write an essay; only then, you can become an efficient essay writer.