There are different types of essays, and each form of essay writing follows a unique style and format. The process of coming up with a good essay is not a piece of cake. There are some essay writing tips that make the task of essay writing convenient for students. Here is the description of four different types of essay with some writing tips:

Descriptive Essay and Essay Writing Tips: Descriptive essay is the most common essay. You have to describe a person or place or thing or event in a descriptive essay. Moreover, you answer the questions what, when, how, why, and where in a descriptive essay. You have to write a descriptive essay by using your all 5 senses. You must follow the following tips for writing a descriptive essay:

  • Descriptive essays follow a simple format.
  • Words used in descriptive essays must be vivid.
  • Do not use words in a descriptive essay about which you do not have the knowledge.
  • Write the descriptive essay straight from the heart to make it look impeccable.

Argumentative Essay: In an argumentative essay, you have to provide your opinions to attract readers. You must come to a conclusion in an argumentative essay. You must follow the following tips for an argumentative essay:

  • The conclusion of an argumentative essay should be well-researched.
  • An argumentative essay must be based on sound facts.
  • You should provide two to three evidences to support your viewpoint about an essay topic.

Expository Essay: You explain something difficult to readers in an expository essay. Following tips must be followed for an informative (expository) essay:

  • You have to provide facts and figures in an expository essay.
  • Sequential organization and logical reasoning is an important part of an expository essay.
  • You explain something in a process in an informative essay.

Narrative Essay: Narrative essays are kinds of essays where author narrates a story that is either fictional or real-life based. Following are tips that must be followed by you for writing a narrative essay:

  • Narrative essay should have a logical beginning, interval, and ending
  • Writer narrates the story in a narrative essay
  • Characters and dialogues are parts of narrative essays.

These are the different guidelines that you need to follow for different types of essays. It is ideal to know that specific tips for different types of essays work well on all platforms. In simple words, the essay writing tips that are mentioned above can be used for different types of essays.