Feedback is necessary if you want to improve your assignment and essay writing. You should receive feedback from someone who is competent and honest. First source of your feedback is friends and family. Remember that family and friends may not be interested to see your essay, and you are asking them a favor, so you should behave nicely with them while you ask them to give you feedback for your essay.

Attitude is predominant. You can see feedback as an attack on you personally or as a source of learning. You will not fail until you give up. Your attitude will determine whether the feedback that you get for your essay is sugar-coated or a dull truth.

Being modest is necessary to receive feedback on your homework. Should you be complimentary and resistant to constructive criticism? Others will not give you a justified feedback. Humbleness aids you to be teachable. As soon as you realize that you have weaknesses in writing, you will begin improving it already.

You are highly encouraged to take feedback of your friends and parents for your essays. If they approve your essay, then it means you are moving on the right path, and if they disapprove your essay. Then, you should find out what is wrong with your essay. You can make improvements in your essay by taking feedback of friends and parents.

Writing is an activity that is, not done in separation. You should distribute your drafts, and wait for comments. You can get valuable insights from others. Background of different persons and skills give them a different perspective that can improve what you already have written. You want your write-up to be read. If the friends and family respond positively to your work, then it means you are going in the right direction.

You can also take help of peers to give you feedback for your essay. Peers are just like you; therefore, they can guide you better if something is missing in your essays. You should ask peers to give you a grade for your essay. If you get A+ grade, then it means your work is of high quality. If they give you lesser score, then it means you need to improve your essay. You must acknowledge that asking for feedback of friends, parents, and peers is a good thing, and you can dramatically improve your essay through the feedback of friends, parents, and peers.