Essay writing in colleges or universities is different than that of schools. You have to very broadminded while writing an essay in a college or university. You will need to explain things in-depth in a university or a college essay. However, structure of an essay remains same whether you write an essay in university or college or school. Here is how you should proceed with your essay in a college or university:


  1. Introduction: Introduction of your essay needs to be strong. You can introduce your topic with a surprising fact or humor hook. You can also begin your essay with a quotation or question to get your readers’ attention in the beginning. You will have to provide background information about the subject in the start. For instance, if your essay is about responsibilities of a good citizen, then your background information can be: “Everyone in our society has a role to play; therefore, we must understand our responsibilities as a god citizen.” At the end of your introduction, you will give your thesis statement. For instance, your thesis statement can be: “We must play our role in a society as responsible individuals, I shall go with this statement.


  1. Body: Once you have started your essay, you should make sure that you keep your essay in a flow. Transition sentences will help you keep your essay in a flow. You will be discussing main points of your essay separately in body paragraphs, and you will be backing up your main points with evidences and examples. For instance, you can prove your point of view as a responsible citizen with the following example: “Responsibilities make us realize our part in a society that is why I shall go with the statement that we must play our role in a society as responsible individuals.


  1. Conclusion: The last part of every essay structure is conclusion. You must summarize your main points in the conclusion of your essay. One thing that you must remember is that you need to reiterate your thesis statement in conclusion of your essay in different words or you can say that you have to rephrase your thesis statement. Here is one example for you: “As responsible individuals, we must play our part in a society; in the light of given reasons, it is quite clear why I shall go with this statement.”


  1. Bibliography and Citations: Bibliography is an important part of a college or university essay as bibliography gives your readers an idea about the resources that you have utilized for an essay. Bibliography is normally written in alphabetic orders. You may also need to put in-text citations in your essay if it is the requirement for your essay. You should use the correct citation style based on the requirements set by your teacher for an essay.


Hopefully, you would have understood by now how to write a college or a university essay. College or university essays follow the same structure as school essays. You have to be broadminded while you write an essay for a college or a university. In a nutshell, college or university essay writing is not that difficult as you may think it is.